Tigers Finish Second Day At Fresno State Invitational

The Tiger women's tennis team completed play in the second day of the Fresno State Invitational on Friday, Nov. 11.

Regina Suarez and Summer Irvin each advanced in the B Flight opening round, and were in progress when rain delayed the finish of their matches until Saturday.

"The team is gaining experience playing different styles of players," said head coach Bob Chiene. "They learn to develop their games to adapt as we go through this growth phase." 


A Flight

Round of 32
V. Preikschas (CS Stanislaus) def Iveta Masarova (Pacific) 6-2,6-0

B Flight

Round of 32
Regina Suarez (Pacific) def. Alexa McDonald (Portland State) 6-2,6-4
Summer Irvin (Pacific) def. Faith Bassiouny (Nevada) w/o(injury)

Round of 16
Suarez was down 6-5 in the first set against No. 1 seed Bianca Modoc (Fresno State) before rain postponed the match.
Irvin was down 2-1 against Katie Eng (CS Stanislaus) before rain postponed the match.
No. 4 seed Tanya Murtagh (Fresno State) def. Gergana Boncheva 6-2,6-0


Round of 16

No. 4 seed N. Coronel/Julija Lukac (UW) def. Boncheva/Irvin 8-3
F. Bssiouny/Okhremchuk (Nevada) def. Masarova/Suarez 8-5