The Tigers' starting catcher and two-time all-conference honoree, Amy Moore, heads to Canada to take part in the 2012 ISF Women's World Championships (July 13-22) as a part of Great Britain's national team. Follow along with Amy's international adventure as the fourth-year player blogs throughout her time abroad both on and off the field with her British teammates. To watch Amy and Team Great Britain compete at the World Championships go to
July 13 v Italy - 3.30 pm : July 14 v Chinese Taipei - 2.00 pm : July 15 v New Zealand - 1.30 pm : July 16 v Canada - 7.00 pm : July 17 v Mexico - 1.30 pm : July 18 v Japan - 2.00 pm : July 19 v Australia - 1.30 pm : Playoffs begin on July 20
Final Blog

I'm back!!! I'm back home in the States!! I left my team yesterday at the airport in Vancouver after we all flew together from Whitehorse and we all went our separate ways home. Most of my team had an 11 hour flight to London and others a two hour flight to LAX! It was hard leaving all my teammates because we formed such a close bond over the last five weeks on tour. I made great friends and learned a lot over the last five weeks! Those memories will last a lifetime! I will be back with the GB team next summer for the European Championships in Prague! Can't wait to be back together, but, it's time for some Pacific softball now!! I've missed wearing orange and black and can't wait to get our season started! Until next time!!
Over and out!!
:) Amy

Blog 8 - July 18

Hello again!!! It's 10:45 at night and it's still sunny here in Whitehorse!! The sun is out 22 hours of the day. It's crazy!!! We played Japan today and lost! They were a strong and fast team. They are really classy also. It was a pleasure playing them!! We got back and had a team dinner at a diner down the road because three of our players are leaving tomorrow morning to go play in Holland in the 19u tournament! Dinner was super good and we are having a movie night now!!! We play Australia tomorrow and are fighting for a spot in the playoffs!!
Over and out!

Blog 7 - July 15

It's me again!!! We had a nail bitter yesterday with a win vs Chinese Tiapei 1-0!! I played left and had a line drive hit right to me!! Stacie, our ace and my roommate, threw a no-hitter and it was a really great all around team win. We played New Zealand today and the game didn't go as well as any of us would have wanted. We lost 3-0. We are going to pick ourselves up and learn from what we can make better!! We play Canada tomorrow night and since they are the host team there will probably be a lot of people there! Tomorrow will be a better day!! :)
Over and out!

Blog 6 - July 12

Hey guys!! Tomorrow is the big day!! Everything we have been working for individually and as a team will be here!! We play Italy at 3:30!  We arrived in Whitehorse on Tuesday afternoon and had that day off of workouts, but Wednesday we had a hard day of practice and I am pretty sure everyone's legs are jello!! I know mine are! We have been working really really hard together as a team to get prepared for this tournament and it all begins tomorrow. We had two hard days of workouts and we had an amazing steak and potato dinner tonight. It was so good!! We all kept saying that it is going to give us the power to hit home runs tomorrow!! We are all getting rest and getting mentally prepared for tomorrow. Until next time!!
Over and out :)

Blog 5 - July 9

I'm back! In the last couple of days, we have had a lot of great games. We took second place in the tournament and I am having a blast! Throughout the tournament, I played five positions... trying to help the team out any way I can! My roommate, Stacie, got MVP of the tournament and pitched incredibly in the final game!! Luck wasn't on our side that game as we lost 3 to 2, but we are ready for anything to be thrown at us in Worlds next week!! We have the day off today and our coaches are surprising us with a team adventure!! I'll be sure to tell you guys all about it tomorrow! Okay!! About to leave!!
Over and out!!

Blog 4 - July 7

Amy with her Valencia High teammates from old (Jessica Shults and Jordan Taylor)
We had a big day yesterday!! We started it off with breakfast really early in the morning because we had to go hit before our games. We came back and rested for a bit before getting ready and heading out. We played Mexico in the morning and won 13 to 0! We had a game break and got some pasta and bread. We went into our next game vs. China and it was so intense!! We won 1 to 0! Stacie, our pitcher, threw a one hitter in the game but she really only faced the minimum because we caught the girl trying to stretch her single into a double and threw her out at second!! It was an awesome play!!! We have the day to rest and play at 6:30 tonight against the top team in the standings!! 
Over and out!!!
Amy :)
Blog 3 - July 4
Wow!! The last two days were busy busy days!! The rain here is making it a little difficult to get our games in, but we have been patiently waiting and finally got to play. We played a team from Canada and won 4-0. Coach Hagen would be proud because I have done two Backdoor Betty's in the last three games!! The pitchers were sleeping on the job!!! We played Peru again and won 7-0 after sitting around all morning waiting for the rain to pass. The fields were under water, but the field crew was able to get it ready to play. We also played the White Rock Renegades and won 7-0 again! 

We are playing so well as a team and all of these games are getting us ready for our main goal!! The World Championships!! We are meshing as a team and coming together so well!!! We play Mexico today at 1:30 and then have a parade to walk in. We are then going to watch Canada play the Netherlands. It's going to be another long day but well worth every minute!! Oh and the best part of the trip so far, my dad was able to come watch me play!! :) okay!! I have to go to breakfast!! 
Over and out!! :)

Blog 2 - July 1
Our first day of real games at the Canadian Cup in the Elite Division, a tournament we are using as a tune up for the World Championships, yesterday got canceled due to rain. We spent the day doing pool workouts and treatment and probably watched four different movies!! Even though we didn't get to play we were able to watch Mexico play which was important because we play them at Worlds in about two weeks. We played them a couple of days ago in exhibition play as well and I got to make my first catch in the outfield! 
This morning we went on a team run with our trainer and then had breakfast! French toast and eggs!! And of course a cup of coffee to go along, a must have for us!! We love our coffee! We are heading to the field around 1 for our 3:30 game against Indonesia. :) 
Over and out! 
Blog 1 - June 29
My first day as a Great Britain softball player was awesome!! It all started off with out first practice in the am! The Brits say half past 8 (or 8:30)! There are so many new words and phrases I am learning, it's awesome!! We practiced our defense for a couple of hours then headed back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch we had about an hour break and then we went back to the fields for some hitting! We did about 2.5 hour of a hitting circuit and ended the workout with a cool down training. We played our first scrimmage vs. Peru in the evening! I played left and had a pretty good first at bat! I hit it hard to left but unfortunately right at the left fielder! I was happy with my first at bat as a Brit though! :) We won and are back at it again tomorrow. We have another full day of training and have another scrimmage vs. Mexico!! I'm having a blast and loving every moment! 
Over and out!!