Lauren Peterson Blogs On Field Hockey Alumni Game

#22 Lauren Peterson - Photo Courtesy of Mike Tregoning
#22 Lauren Peterson - Photo Courtesy of Mike Tregoning

The following is a blog post from Pacific Field Hockey senior Lauren Peterson, who participated in the Pacific Field Hockey alumni game on Sunday.

On Sunday, April 12th (yesterday), the University of the Pacific Field Hockey Field was quickly populated by current and previous Tigers. With alumni stretching from the 80s until this year (that would be Kayley, Molly, and myself), current players dressed in all white, and friends and family donning various Pacific Field Hockey apparel, the party quickly began.

Using the most current field hockey rules (long corners are now taken at the 25?!) as well as official refs, young Tigers played old Tigers in the first ever Alumni Game on the brand new field hockey turf where the monolithic, though unused, football stadium once stood.

The development within the current squad was very apparent, as the play was rarely frantic or less than joyous. The alumni fell into old habits, focusing on a big ball game and the extra running quickly took its toll.

At the end of the first half, the score stood at 1-0 to the current team. The ferocity of the alumni never wavered as we went into the second half. After a variety of goals on both sides and a final score of 3-2 (or something like that, who can remember), the game ended with laughter and hugs and a rousing round of the Tiger Fight Song, which most of the new squad doesn't know. Shame on them!

After changing, most of the participants and their guests gathered together at Valley Brew on Miracle Mile for food, drinks, and a general good time. Andy Smith made a short speech about the status of the program, gave the seniors framed personalized jerseys, and awarded the current team with various superlatives.

By combining the Alumni Game and the Senior Banquet, the program not only saved money but also gave current and past players, as well as family and friends, the chance to mingle more than we ever have before. While the past players may seem like strangers, we're all Pacific Tigers at heart, which can mean quite a bit on and off the field hockey turf.

Thank you to all the players I have played with over the past four years as well as the phenomenal coaching staff. Field hockey has been such an integral part of my Pacific experience and has had great influence over the person I have become and the person I want to be in the future. I cannot imagine having a more positive collegiate experience without donning the Orange and Black and am eternally thankful for the time I had to represent Pacific.