Tigers Prove Victorious Against Santa Clara University 4-3

Junior Ben Mirkin
Junior Ben Mirkin

Santa Clara, Calif.-The Tigers kicked off the match against the Broncos with tremendous finesse. Though the Broncos had home court advantage, the Tigers remained focused.  This prompted the Tigers to pick up the doubles point after having secured two of the three doubles events.  With this point already in favor of the Tigers, Pacific proceeded to the singles events with a great deal of confidence and momentum.

In the singles events, the Tigers secured the No. 2, No. 5, and the No. 6 positions to propel them to the win. The Tigers that secured wins included freshmen Sem Verbeek, Daniel Alameh and sophomore Erik Cederwall respectively.

At the conclusion of the match, Director of Tennis and Head Men's Tennis Coach Ryan Redondo stated, "I am very proud of the team today.  It was very difficult and required a lot of courage. We have another match on Monday so we are already moving forward and getting ready."

The Tigers are now gearing up to face UT-Arlington at home on Monday, March 11th at 10AM.


Match Results:

1. Sem Verbeek/Denis Stolyarov (PAC) def. Tom Pham/John Lamble (SCU) 9-8
2. Ilya Osintev/Ashot Khacharyan (SCU) def. Alex Golding/Alex Hamilton (PAC) 8-3
3. Daniel Alameh/Erik Cederwall (PAC) def. Logan Chun/Tomasz Soltyka (SCU) 8-2


1. John Lamble (SCU) def. Alex Golding (PAC) 6-1, 6-3
2. Sem Verbeek (PAC) def. Ilya Osintev (SCU) 6-2, Ret.
3. Ashot Khacharyan (SCU) def. Denis Stolyarov (PAC) 6-0, 7-5
4. Tom Pham (SCU) def. Ben Mirkin (PAC) 6-1, 7-5
5. Daniel Alameh (PAC) def. Tomasz Soltyka (SCU) 7-5, 6-2
6. Erik Cederwall (PAC) def. Logan Chun (SCU) 6-1, 6-0

Final Score: Pacific 4, Santa Clara University 3