Alex Golding And Erik Cederwall Pick Up Singles Wins In The Finals

Alex Golding And Erik Cederwall Pick Up Singles Wins In The Finals

Stockton, Calif.-The Tigers closed out the Pacific Tigers Invitational with five victories in the singles events and doubles matches combined.  The Tigers closed out the tournament with a total of 22 victories.

Senior Alex Golding claimed a win in the Orange singles consolation finals against USF competitor Nils Skajaa in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4.  In the white consolation finals, sophomore Erik Cederwall posted a victory against Adam Levie of UC Davis with a final score of 6-3, 7-6(4).  

When asked about the Tigers' progress for the Fall season, Assistant Men's Tennis Coach Jamieson Cox reflected, "This past weekend really showed us where we need to be for the Spring season and what we still have to work on. Our team has the talent to be one of the best, as we have had many close matches this fall against top competitors.  The guys have to start believing in themselves that they can beat those teams and trusting their abilities a bit more, and that will help them capitalize on the opportunities that they have had and cause them to fall just short of getting the big wins. There are many great things to learn from this weekend that will help us prepare and get ready for the spring heading into conference play."

Other victories picked up by the Tigers were earned by freshman Sem Verbeek in singles as well as doubles with partner freshman Trevor James, and sophomore Denis Stolyarov in singles.

At the conclusion of the tournament, Director of Men's Tennis and Head Men's Tennis Coach Ryan Redondo stated, "This was a great weekend for Pacific Tennis.  Not necessarily in terms of results, but as a point of comparison amongst our competition and the reflections of each of the Pacific Tigers capabilities as players and as a team unit.  I saw signs of promise from certain individuals and am very excited for the team season to begin.  We won two consolation brackets and lost in two main draw finals (one singles final and one doubles final).  I believe the Pacific Tiger Invitational was run exceptionally well by all the Pacific Staff and teams like Stanford, Cal, and so on were very pleased and will be back next year."


ITA ORANGE  Consolations -- Consolation Semifinals
PAC Alex Golding[1] d. SM Thomas Hunt  Wo (inj)

ITA ORANGE Consolations -- Consolation Finals
PAC Alex Golding[1] d. USF Nils Skajaa[8]  6-3;6-4

ITA WHITE Consolations -- Consolation Finals
PAC Eric Cederwall d. DAV Adam Levie  6-3;7-6(4)

ITA BLACK -- Finals
CAL Andrew Scholnick d. PAC Ben Mirkin  7-6(2);7-6(5)

Sunday RR - Round Robin 1
MJC Bryce Purser d. PAC Carter Hafif  6-2;5-7;1-0(9)
PAC Sem Verbeek d. PAC Trevor James  6-2;6-3
PAC Denis Stolyarov d. DAV Mitch Thorp  6-3;6-3

ITA BLACK -- Finals
USF JonathanKnowlman - USF Richard Bucalem d. PAC Denis Stolyarov - PAC Eric Cederwall  8-2

Sunday RR -- Round Robin 1
PAC Sem Verbeek - PAC Trevor James d. DAV Adam Levie - DAV Mitch Thorp  8-5