Pacific Completes First Day At The Gael Classic

Pacific Completes First Day At The Gael Classic

Moraga, Calif.

The first day of the Saint Mary's College Invitational Gael Classic exposed the Tigers to stiff competition.  The Tigers struggled, but the Tigers will continue on to the second day.  

The Tigers will all continue on in the sonsolation round, including seeded Pacific senior, No. 5 Tomasz Krzyszkowski who had automatically advanced to the round of 16 after receiving a Bye in the round of 32.  In the round of 16 Krzyszkowski came up short against Fresno Pacific's Nathan Martinet 6-3, 6-3.  Since he competed in the second round, he began competing in the second round of the consolation bracket and proved victorious against California's Andrew Scholnick 6-3, 6-1.

Another highlight includes Valentim Goncalves Jr. and his victory in the round of 32 against Saint Mary's Steven Dawson in straight sets 6-3, 6-3.  Though Goncalves came up short in the round of 16, he will compete in the round of 16 tomorrow.

At the conclusion of the first day, Coach Redondo stated, "The Tigers competed hard today at the Gael Classic.  We are continuing to learn and becoming more disciplined every day. We are on for another battle tomorrow."


October 28, 2011 

ITA Red Singles -- Round of 32

(Santa Clara) Nico Vinel d. (Pacific) Ben Mirkin  7-5;2-1  Ret (inj)

(Pacific) Valentim Goncalves Jr. d. (Saint Mary's College) Steven Dawson  6-3;6-3

ITA Red Singles -- Round of 16

(Fresno Pacific University) Nathan Martinet d. (Pacific) TmasKrzyszkowski[5]  6-2;6-2

(Fresno Pacific University) Xavier Smith[2] d. (Pacific) Valentim Goncalves  6-1;6-2

ITA Red Singles Consolations -- Round 2

(Pacific) Tomasz Krzyszkowski[5] d. (California) Andrew Scholnick  6-3;6-1

 ITA Men's Doubles -- Round of 16

(UCLA) Alex Brigham[2] - UCLA DennisMkrtchian[2] d. (Pacific) Tomasz Krzyszkowski - PAC ValentmGoncalves  8-4