Pacific Has A Rough First Day At The Battle In The Bay Classic But Remain Optimistic

Senior Ivan Castro
Senior Ivan Castro

San Francisco, Calif.

The first day of the Battle of the Bay Classic proved to be a challenge for the Tigers; however they are taking advantage of this opportunity for personal growth and improvement.  Each Tiger player is focusing in on their own skills and strengths and adapting to each given match and situation.  

In the Singles match round of 32, the Tigers came of short of success; however, one Tiger reigned supreme.  Senior Ivan Castro utilized a game winning strategy and displayed a great deal of patience against Boise State product Scott Sears to win in three sets with a final match sore of 3-6, 6-4, 6-3.  This epic match was a true test of Castro's ability having lost the first set and at a disadvantage.  Castro adjusted his strategy and catered to his strengths after targeting his opponent's weaknesses.  

The doubles bracket proved to be a challenge for the Castro-Hamilton duo, having coming up short against San Diego products Spinosa-Pohlmann.  The San Diego products were also the number one seed for the doubles bracket.  While Ivan and Alex came up short of the win, junior Alex Golding and freshman Erik Cederwall dominated opponents Emilio Mora and Thibaut Visay with a final score of 8-4.



Matches played on Thursday, October 13.

ITA Men's Singles -- Round of 32

PAC Ivan Castro d. BOI Scott Sears  3-6;6-4;6-3

ST Daniel Ho d. PAC Erik Cedarwall  6-3;6-1

SD Clarke Spinosa[3] d. PAC Alex Hamilton  6-0;6-1

PAC Alex Golding  d. USF Will Schumacher 6-4;6-2


ITA Men's Doubles -- Round of 16

SD Clarke Spinosa[1] - SD Patrick Pohlmann[1] d. PAC Alex Hamilton - PAC Ivan Castro  9-7

PAC Alex Golding - PAC Erik Cederwall d. SD Emilio Mora - SD Thibaut Visay  8-4