Tigers In The Draft


Every Tiger dreams of hearing their name called on draft day.

(Above: Milwaukee Brewers' selection Mike Walker on Draft Day 2010)

The list of Tigers selected in the Major League Draft:


1968 Joe Ferguson Los Angeles Dodgers (Eighth Round)
  John Strohmayer Oakland Athletics (26th Round)
1970 Michael Smith San Diego Padres (24th Round)
  Steve Francheschi San Franciso Giants (30th Round)
1971 Rob Sperring Chicago Cubs (Fifth Round)
1973 Steve Sherrill St. Louis Cardinals (40th Round)
1974 Rod Bovee San Diego Padres (15th Round)
1975 Larry Prewitt New York Mets (Fourth Round)
1978 Syd Church San Diego Padres (20th Round)
1980 Walter (Stine) Poole Detroit Tigers (Eighth Round)
1981 Rob Schilling Chicago Cubs (Fifth Round)
  Pat Tobin Chicago Cubs (22nd Round)
1982 Rob Brzezinski San Francisco Giants (22nd Round)
  Greg Unger New York Yankees (24th Round)
1983 Vic Madden Cleveland Indians (22nd Round)
  Mark Cipres Texas Rangers (28th Round)
1986 Mike Pitz Los Angeles Dodgers (Fourth Round)
  Randy Ralstin Atlanta Braves (36th Round)
1987 Joe Ortiz Milwaukee Brewers (Eighth Round)
  Doug Nelson Kansas City Royals (19th Round)
1988 Willie Tatum Boston Red Sox (Ninth Round)
  James Hill Detroit Tigers (31st Round)
  Deryk Gross Minnesota Twins (12th Round)
  Anthony Lozinski Philadelphia Phillies (Ninth Round)
1990 Troy Kopp Montreal Expos (15th Round)
1991 Joe Brownholtz Texas Rangers (31st Round)
1992 Keith Johnson Los Angeles Dodgers (Fourth Round)
1994 Victor Sanchez Houston Astros (13th Round)
  Mike Rios Oakland Athletics (22nd Round)
  Chip Sell Los Angeles Dodgers (33rd Round)
  Dale Dolejsi Detroit Tigers (51st Round)
  Christian Reinheimer St. Louis Cardinals (56th Round)
1995 Scott Mitchell Montreal Expos (22nd Round)
  Randy Paulin Kansas City Royals (23rd Round)
1997 Dan Reichert Kansas City Royals (First Round [Seventh])
1999 Darin Moore Oakland Athletics (Fifth Round)
  Bryce Terveen Atlanta Braves (22nd Round)
2000 Steve Fischer Oakland Athletics (24th Round)
2001 D.J. Houlton Houston Astros (11th Round)
  Jason Walker Montreal Expos (14th Round)
  Richard Hackett Baltimore Orioles (25th Round)
  Rick Morton Cleveland Indians (25th Round)
  Todd Culp Cleveland Indians (37th Round)
2002 Tim Gilhooly Baltimore Orioles (Fourth Round)
2003 Sergio Silva Pittsburgh Pirates (Eighth Round)
2004 Alex Graham Baltimore Orioles (28th Round)
  Octavio Amezquita Detroit Tigers (29th Round)
  Jesse Kovács Philadelphia Phillies (31st Round)
2005 Chase Headley San Diego Padres (Second Round)
  Josh Schmidt New York Yankees (15th Round)
2006 Eric Stolp San Francisco Giants (14th Round)
  Anthony Jackson Colorado Rockies (16th Round)
  Matt Berezay Los Angeles Dodgers (21st Round)
2007 Justin Baum San Diego Padres (Seventh Round)
  Jake Wild Seattle Mariners (26th Round)
  Curtis Pasma Milwaukee Brewers (36th Round)
2010 Nick Longmire St. Louis Cardinals (Fifth Round)
  J.B. Brown New York Mets (14th Round)
  Mike Walker Milwaukee Brewers (14th Round)
  Joe Oliveira Baltimore Orioles (15th Round)
  Hunter Carnevale New York Mets (33rd Round)
2013 Tyger Pederson Los Angeles Dodgers (33rd Round)
2014 Taylor Murphy Cleveland Indians (18th Round)
2015 Tyler Sullivan Chicago White Sox (14th Round)
  Brett Sullivan Tampa Bay Rays (17th Round)
  Gio Brusa St. Louis Cardinals (23rd Round)
2016 Gio Brusa San Francisco Giants (6th Round)
  Vince Arobio Boston Red Sox (27th Round)
  Danny Mayer Minnesota Twins (37th Round)
2017 Vince Arobio Chicago White Sox (24th Round)
  Danny Mayer Philadelphia Phillies (31st Round)
2018 Shelby Lackey Colorado Rockies (18th Round)