Tiger Baseball Hitting The Community

Putting to good use their off days prior to the start of fall practice the Tiger Baseball team spent the weekend in the community. Pacific spent Sunday, Sept. 8 participating in the Cpl. Palmer II Memorial Troop Support Program while on Monday, Sept. 9 took part in the United Way Kick Off.

On Monday, the Tigers helped the Troop Support Program and the Merrill Gardens retirement community volunteers tape boxes, organize items, and pack boxes for troops in seven different countries. The program is a volunteer effort designed to give everyday citizens an opportunity to reach out to active duty Military personnel serving on the front lines. Born in tragedy at the falling of Cpl. Palmer in Iraq, the Palmer family sought an opportunity to minister to other troops standing in the gap offering the same sacrifice of service that their son gave his life for. The program gives others the chance to show their support.

A day later, the Tigers were volunteers at the United Way Kick Off event at Pacific as they set up tables, chairs, and a variety of other things for the event. The Tigers and United Way have worked closely together over the years to establish a close connection between the two programs. The United Way works with organizations throughout the San Joaquin County to tackle the tough issues within the community. They have three primary focus areas; education - helping children and youth achieve their potential, health - improving people's health, and income - helping families and individuals become financially stable and independent.